July 20, 12pm – 6pm July 21, 10am – 6pm & 7pm – 9pm for screening, doors open at 6:30pm July 22, 10am – 6pm July 23, 10am – 2pm


Are you prepared to discover the deep power that exists within you? Experience the world of Legion in mixed reality, and see the universe in a whole new light.
Reserve your session now. 18+ Only


What dark secrets hide within the AHS Zoetrope? Watch your nightmare spin to life, and see if you can spot clues from the next chapter of American Horror Story. 18+ Only

wet bar

Have a drink (of water) with World’s Greatest Spy turned Private Eye. Stay out of that dehydrated DANGER ZONE.

Shop shot

Stand on the ceiling. Walk up walls. Put it on video. In the Atlanta photo booth, life is experienced from every perspective. 18+ Only

lacing station

Because your sneakers need a fearless look. Let experts re-lace your kicks with branded FX laces.


The Partnership reminds you that vampires aren’t the only ones who need protection from the sun. Visit The Strain’s Sunscreen Drive, and shield yourself from harmful rays.

Plus come back for a special silent screening on Friday night with an advanced look at a new episode before it airs, complete with special giveaways and treats. 18+ only, TVMA

fx scene stealer

Don’t just watch your favorite FX shows, be part of them… This year at Comic-Con, FX Scene Stealer will allow fans to star in scenes from original series like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, Legion, and The Strain. Once the filming is complete, fans will be sent their personalized scene to watch and share on their social media platforms. 18+ to Participate, TVMA Content.


Because who doesn’t love retro claw machines? Test your skill and see if you can grab special limited edition FX prizes. Official Rules